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Carbon GalaXy SOLsumo Inflatable Paddle Board

Sale price$1,199.00

With our cutting-edge carbon stringer system and sidewalls, Carbon GalaXy SOLsumo surpasses its predecessor in structural integrity, stiffness, and weight distribution. And the extra-wide platform of the SOLsumo accommodates wheelchairs and various activities, from fishing and yoga to carrying passengers, dogs, and gear for overnight adventures.

For our anglers, you’ll appreciate the printed ruler for measuring your catch, while the two fishing rod plates allow for customization with aftermarket accessories.

Two-in-One Roll and Carry Strap

Environmentally-Conscious Construction

Approved Checked Bag

Carbon GalaXy SOLsumo Inflatable Paddle Board showcasing all four sides of the SUP board
Carbon GalaXy SOLsumo Inflatable Paddle Board Sale price$1,199.00


Why it Matters



→ The patented GalaXy Stringer System, identified by its unique Patent # 11,535,342 and coupled with carbon sidewalls, delivers the ultimate in stiffness and tensile strength — the maximum stress that a material can bear before breaking when it is allowed to be stretched or pulled — resulting in an unrivaled level of performance. With tear strength three times that of PVC, you can rely on this board for maximum durability and resilience.

→ Welded Drop Stitch Material construction for increased durability, reduced weight, and environmental friendliness

→ Raised rear foam kick pad for maximum control and lightning-fast turns

→ A Universal Center Fin Box so you can feasible replace your center fin at any surf or paddle shop around the world

→ A Fast Fin Release center fin attachment system, allowing for quick and easy removal of your center fin and making transportation and storage of your board more convenient

→ Accepts a variety of center fin sizes — 3, 4.6, 8, or 9 inches — and comes with two glued side fins and one removable center fin, allowing you to tailor your ride for shallow or deep water paddling


→ Eighteen secured tie-down soft attachment points to store all your essential gear, such as a large cooler, fishing gear, or any overnight essentials for an epic journey

→ Carry handle on the side making it convenient and easier to carry your board

→ A kayak seat conversion option to easily transform your SUP into a sit-on-top kayak in seconds by attaching four heavy-duty galvanized metal clips to each attachment point on your board

→ A serial-numbered Colorado license plate for extra theft prevention

Every angler must-have: two accessory attachment plates to hold all your essential fishing gear — fishing rod, speaker, camera, and coffee cup — as well as a printed fish measuring tape to back up every catch

😎 And a five-year-seam-industry-leading warranty because we stand behind what we build

Carbon GalaXy SOLtrain Inflatable Paddle Board in Whitewater
Carbon GalaXy SOLtrain Inflatable Paddle Board in Convertible
Carbon GalaXy SOLtrain Inflatable Paddle Board Woman Standing on SUP Board in Telluride, Colorado
Carbon GalaXy SOLtrain Inflatable Paddle Board Two Women Standing on SUP Board Paddling
Carbon GalaXy SOLtrain Inflatable Paddle Board Woman Laying on SUP Board
Carbon GalaXy SOLtrain Inflatable Paddle Board showcasing the top and bottom views of the SUP board and the accessories that come with it

The Finer Details


→[1] Carbon Blaster Paddle, a lightweight, adjustable three-piece paddle allowing you to adjust the length of the paddle to suit your specific needs and preferences, and features an extra-strong nylon blade that can withstand the rigors of even the toughest conditions

→ [1] SOL Eco Rolling Sport Backpack, the ideal blend of design, sustainability, and functionality

→ [1] SOL TripleShot Hand Pump, designed for the quickest and most efficient inflation. It has double-action pumping options, enabling air to be pumped into your board both on the downward and upward strokes. This feature significantly reduces the time required to inflate your board. And to boot, since the TripleShot is a four-stage pump, you have total control over the pump's volume and resistance.

→[1] SOL Two-in-One Roll and Carry Strap, a versatile accessory that can be used to secure your rolled board for storage and as a shoulder carry strap, with attachment points located on the right side of the board

→ [1] Repair Kit, you know, just in case

With a Payload Capacity, and Then Some

The SOLsumo is your ticket to a storybook overnight experience.


The GalaXy SOLsumo

The same board, minus the carbon sidewalls.

GalaXy SOLsumo
Carbon GalaXy Collection SOLtrain in River



We knew we had something revolutionary when we unveiled the acclaimed GalaXy Collection. And then the temptation came a-knocking. So we did what we always do: we raised the bar again.



And ushered in the Carbon GalaXy Collection, an award-winning collection with not only our eye-brow-raising Galaxy Stringer System but also carbon sidewalls.

These now gold-standard carbon boards are awed over for their unrivaled structural integrity, stiffness, and rigidity.



All this is to say, this collection of boards is popular because we ELIMINATED THE PADDLE-INDUCED FLEX, inspiring you to shine bright on your foam deck while improving your SUP skills one ride at a time. 

SOL Paddles Board collection of SUP boards video

Learn About

The 101 on SOL's Collection of SUP Boards

We have four collections: Classic, GalaXy, Carbon GalaXy, and Infinity.

▶️ Watch what makes each collection different


A How-To

Install Your Fast Fin Release

A beloved feature of our boards is the Fast Fin Release System, allowing for quick and easy removal of your center fin and making transportation and storage of your board more convenience.

▶️ Watch Johnny show you how to install your Fast Fin Release.

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