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Intended for river surfing only, our 9-foot SOL Quick-Release Straight River Leash is lightweight and strong. Designed for comfort, it keeps your stand up paddle board from rebounding towards you during a swim and the full swivel design, complete with a heavy-duty carabiner, eliminates twists and kinks in the leash.

This leash also comes with an ankle attachment and can be used for lake and ocean paddling when attached to ankle.

Leashes save lives! Make sure you understand how to use each style of leash. For your safety, never attach an ankle leash while in a river with moving water or current as it can be fatal. Use a Quick-Release River Leash for river paddling.

Three-year warranty

SOL Ocean Lake Straight Ankle Leash with Carabiner
SOL Quick-Release River, Lake, and Ocean Leash- Straight Cord Sale price$50.00 Regular price$81.00