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In seconds, turn your SOL Carbon Blaster Three-Piece Travel Paddle into a kayak paddle with this accessory. Simply remove the top handle piece of your SOL Carbon Blaster Three-Piece Travel Paddle and insert the kayak blade. For sit-down paddling, use the SOL Kayak Seat and turn your SOL Paddle Board into a sit-on-top kayak! The SOL Kayak Conversion Blade is fully adjustable and accommodates paddlers of all sizes and ages.  The nylon blade is light and durable for all paddling conditions.  This attachment is used by paddlers while fishing, lake cruising, river running and surfing. 

When the blade is inserted in the Blaster SUP paddle, the adjusted length can be 88" to 100" in length.

Five-year warranty

SOL Kayak Conversion Blade
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