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Long and Straight with Bite.

Our 7-Inch Removable Side Click Fin is engineered for easy installation, lake, and river maneuverability. The long profile is perfect for deeper water paddling. The new size and shape is great for tracking extra straight in deep rivers, the lake, or the ocean. The 7-inch is perfect for grabbing waves in the ocean due to the lift the fins give off on a wave face. To install, place the fin in the click fin box and push back. You will hear a clicking sound. We recommend using the Allen key that comes with your repair kit to tighten each screw ensuring your fin never pops out. The 1-Inch Removable Side Click Fin can be left on your board when it is rolled up and stored.

Sold in packs of two

Three-year warranty

7-Inch Removable Side Click Fin
7-Inch Removable Side Click Fin Sale price$39.00