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GalaXy Inflatable Paddle Board Collection



This patented (US Patent # 11,535,342) award winning technology pushes the envelope in paddle board performance. The GalaXy Stringer System provides structural integrity, added stiffness, and torsional rigidity. Those are fancy words, what does that mean for you, the consumer?

Structural integrity is added to the board through the stringers on the bottom; these serve as a sort of backbone to our inflatable paddle boards. These stringers create added stiffness by supporting the board from nose to tail, and from side to side. The X stringers across the middle serve in stiffening up the board laterally, creating more stability and less edge to edge flex. 

The bonus in the placement of the GalaXy Stringer System is a slight rise in the center of the board. This Camber-Underfoot shape allows the weight of the rider to flex the materials to their maximum stretch capabilities. The result is the stiffest tip to tail and side to side inflatable on the market. 

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