Winter SUPing

For those of us not fortunate enough to live on the sandy beaches of an island where the sun is always shining, we face a problem when winter rolls around–how do we continue to paddle board?!  Almost everyone who paddles is instantly obsessed and is sad when the possibility of a daily paddle doesn’t seem realistic.  The average temperature dips below forty and the sky constantly seems like it is going to unload a winter storm on us, but you can still continue to paddle throughout the winter with the proper equipment.  

Obviously warm clothes are needed to face the frigid air temperatures and in unfortunate circumstances, the water temperature too.  One way to face this problem is a TON of layers, this way you can stay warm, but if you fall in–you might be a little cold to say the least.  Another solution is a dry suit.  With this, you can put your favorite warm sweater and pants underneath, and throw this on top.  It keeps you perfectly dry, so even though you are a professional paddler who never falls in 😉 , you are prepared just in case.  

Now onto footwear.  Neoprene booties are always our go to.  They are snug little boots that keep your feet warm, even when the cold water splashes onto the board.  In winter, these are a MUST, because frankly, Chacos just are not the best winter shoe.  

For those of you who paid attention in high school biology, you know that about half of the heat in your body escapes from your head, so a hat warm hat is always smart to bring, and it will keep your ears warm!  Gloves are not a bad idea either.  How else are you supposed to keep your hands warm to hold the paddle?!

Paddle boarding is great exercise so you will be warming up when out there so keep that in mind.  Now that you are all ready to go with your equipment, where are you going to go for a winter SUP?

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