SUP Yoga

SUP yoga is an incredible mind-body practice. It is so much fun and challenging too. Being in nature brings a whole new element to my practice. Instead of the comfort and safety of a mat on a floor, the conditions are constantly changing. I am doing a pose, staying connected to my breath while dealing with wind, the current, waves, boats, and other people on the water. My board is constantly moving. SUP yoga strengthens my mind-body connection. I must be present to everything that’s going on around me or I will fall in. I am humbled in my practice. Poses that are easy on the floor sometimes feel impossible on the board, so I keep practicing.

SUP yoga helps me refine my posture and alignment. I slow down and feel how the board is moving under my body, and then I adjust. It helps me stay calm in the face of challenge. It helps me stay focused. SUP yoga takes me deeper. I learn to better understand and appreciate my body and my surroundings. Growing up, movement especially dance was the best way for me to express myself. I would dance, jump, roll, flow, and move emotions through my body. I love expressing myself through SUP yoga. It is like moving meditation. I relax, slow my breath, and find stillness inside. With the beautiful mind-body connection I move smoothly free of thoughts, expectations, or judgment.

SUP yoga is how I unplug and recharge. I listen to my body and give myself what I need. When I need to relax, stretch, and recover I do that. When I need more intensity and challenge I can do that too. I get lost flowing movements together, refining and perfecting each pose. I challenge myself to reach a little further, hold a little longer, and breathe a little deeper. I am training to be able to do everything that I can do on the floor on my SUP. I want to be able to do my gymnastics routines on my SUP. I am blending yoga, dance, gymnastics, pilates, martial arts, acrobatics, and fitness into routines to help me improve performance. It’s such a fun way to train. This is true functional fitness. I would love to share the SUP yoga love with you. Join me for a class at Park City SUP.

By: Audrey Lee

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