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SOL Paddle Board’s River Running, Ocean Surfing, and All-Around Paddling Boarding.

The SOLshine is the perfect Stand Up Paddle Board for sending rapids on the river and all-a-round paddling. With a 6″ front rocker and 3″ rear rocker, makes this board ideal for aggressive river paddling or ocean surfing.  The raised kick in the back is also essential for turning this SUP on a dime. The 36″ width of this board provides optimal stability for balance on the river or for yoga.

Weight Capacity 275 lbs.

  • 4.6″ removable Flex Center Fin
  • (2) 4″ removable Side Fins
  • (2) Grub Screws (2 in each fin box)
  • Allen Key Wrench (In Repair Kit)
  • Docks Locks Compatible Locking Cleat System
  • Metal Advanced  Fin Release System
  • Travel Backpack with Roller Wheels
  • 3-piece Fully Adjustable Aluminum Paddle
  • SOL High Pressure Hand Pump
  • 12v Electric inflator/ deflator- 2 psi.
  • Repair Kit

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