I Workout!

We all know that those who paddle board look super good while doing it–but why is that?  Is it their lifestyle?  Always outdoors and adventuring so they are just bound to be fit.  Or is it that strong people are drawn to paddle boarding?  Possibly.  Or maybe it is the fact that stand up paddle boarding is a GREAT workout?  Yeah, that’s probably it.  

Paddle boarding is mainly cardio workout.  Think about it–you are paddling in water in attempts to move forward.  Breathing hard is inevitable!  It is also a core workout.  You are propelling yourself through water using your upper body.  Your core is engaged the entire time.  Now that is going to make you strong!  Paddle boarding is also a great calorie burner.  This is why people love to take their paddle board on vacation.  It is an excuse to have fun while working hard.  Finally, the wobbling of the board/ the shaking of your legs, creates balance.  This is an invaluable lesson learned through SUPing.  

Paddle boarding is a way to connect with nature, and have low-impact exercise.  What could be better!

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