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Ditch Black Friday

Black Friday?  Nope.  Not for us.  We prefer Small Business Saturday at SOL Paddle Boards.  We favor the companies built by locals, the mom and pop companies, the companies built from the ground up.  We favor the companies who are not in it for the profit like other corporations that dominate the market, we favor the companies who do what they do because they love it.  Because this is their passion.  We are one of these companies.  SOL Paddle Boards started because Johnny and Richie wanted to create a product that was perfectly suited all of their paddle boarding needs.  They created this company because they are passionate paddlers, soulful SUPpers, and life-loving locals.  

On Saturday, November 25th, support companies like us.  Companies who truly care for their customers and ABSOLUTELY love to see what you are up to.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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