GalaXy SOLocho Inflatable Paddle Board


8’6” x 36” x 6” I 24 LBS I 285 L

SOLocho Inflatable Paddle Board GalaXy Collection Badges

We heeded the call to create the ultimate whitewater and river surfboard for smaller paddlers just for you. Sitting at 8 feet 6 inches long and 36 inches wide, you can easily maneuver the SOLocho around obstacles while maintaining stability. With a six-inch front rocker ensuring your paddle board makes it over every obstacle, and a four-inch rear rocker allowing you to turn on a dime, get ready to surf those waves effortlessly on your SOLocho. 

Allen Key for Click Fin Box (In Repair Kit)
Repair Kit

Phantom No Glue Construction
Advanced GalaXy Stringer System [patent pending]
SOLrocker Technology: Rocker-To-Underfoot-Camber-To-Rocker
4 Front Gear Tie-Downs
SOL Two-in-One Roll and Carry Strap [patent pending]
Continuous Tip to Tail Rocker Design
Oversized Metal Towable D-Ring
Anti-Slip Diamond Foam Deck Pad
Raised Rear Surf Kick for Added Performance
(4) Set Screws, 2 Screws Per Fin Box





Thickness 6"
Weight 22 lbs
Volume 285 L
Weight Capacity  lbs |  kg
Best for

All-Around | Whitewater | River & Ocean Surf | Smaller Paddlers

Whitewater 9
Flat Water 5
Stability 7
Speed 6
Turning 9
Yoga 7
Warranty 5 Years
A properly designed and constructed stringer system provides structural integrity, stiffness and load-transference. So we decided to create not just one, but two collections of innovative boards utilizing a well-engineered stringer system.

The first collection — GalaXy — is constructed using directional PVC to build its stringers. This allows the transfer of energy from one stringer to another with minimal flex front to back and side to side. So say good-bye to centerboard flex caused by paddling, and say hello to our all-new GalaXy Collection.

But we couldn't stop there. As an industry leader, we are always pushing the boundaries of innovation. This time we did it by creating the first-ever inflatable paddle board utilizing not only a carbon stringer system but carbon sidewalls too. The result is our newly launched Carbon GalaXy Collection with double carbon outer sidewalls that are three-times more durable and rigid than traditional PVC sidewalls — all without compromising the portability factor. For you, this means your SUP experience is now unmatched.

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