Family Paddling in Utah

Utah: June 3rd - 9th: Green River, Little Grand Canyon and Muddy Creek
Where can a quiver of SOL's take you? For me recently it was to Utah with my twin 14 yr old daughters, 2 of their friends plus my Sol Jah, Sol Sombrero and Solshine for 8 days of rising water.  For the big water of the Green we dialed in the Solshine and SolSombrero.  As an expediation grade boat loaded with 2 girls this boat met the mark and then some.  Over the course of 3 days the SolSombrero took 2 of them down the river laughing, building confidence and on top of the SOL the entire time. It's super stable. In the evening I ferried them out in groups of 2 (3 on the SOL) to float laps through big water class II-III.  They were smiling and having the time of their life. I'm looking forward to my first overnighter with the SolSombrero later this summer.
On day 4 we took a meandering 20 mile float on the Little Grand Canyon of the San Rafael Swell and again the SolSombrero' made their day relaxing while navigating the quicker turns. To top it off the trip we got on the elusive Muddy Creek at the one day of prime flow so far in 2 years.  This run carries many a bony class II rapid. What was impressive was how stable my SolJah was over this 15 mile stretch.  Imprssive views, ever changing rock bed and a truly majestic slot canyon makes this run a must do for any whitewater and dessert junkie. In all runs the SolShine was stable, responsive and comfortable to me. Each run brought different paddling techniques and demands.  Each SOL beat every challenge. Where can a SOL board take you?  Everywhere you want to be.  Next stop, the oldest river festival - FibArk.