Paddling The SOL Sombrero

Where did the SolSombrero take me this time? To a not often talked about river just below a Monastery - The Rio Chama.  In the later part of the summer there's weekend releases and if you're fortunate to win a permit - paddlers can catch the remote stretch.  For day trippers like me, it provided the opportunity to meet up with a crew of friends for the final push (Day Stretch) of 7 miles.  Putting in just below the Monastery and finishing with a most catchy name - Big Eddy.
The skyline for the day offered a mix of sunshine and various cloud formations - mixing beauty of the area's incredible rock formations, cactus, 700 cfs of class III water and the potential for mother nature to increase the volume and flow.  With all of this in formula for the day's trip, I jumped on the river with a few simple goals - meet people, have a blast, enjoy every moment, stay on my Sombrero and SUP the entire stretch.
After a few miles of SUPing with the occasional class II to warm me up 2 events started to unfold.  The character of the river bed (read more class II and some III's) began to welcome me, as we heard thunder in the distance, saw lightning over mountain ranges and begin feeling the slight drizzle of rain. For some reason this sparked a 'bring it' feeling and I continued to enjoy SUPing ... reading the water to identify the best lines.  Rain quickly turned to hail and on the river banks indications of large rain fall near by came pouring over the bank edges, sometimes 40 ft high rock formations turned into waterfalls.  Truly an exciting to experience for over 3 miles - with the culmination of the longest class III, lateral rains and strong winds got me amped to paddle through with ease and confidence. I'll re-live that moment for sometime!!  This is just what a SolSombrero does ... it's stable, nimble and fun.  And with its large load capacity, I was able to carry gear with peace of mind.  Minutes before the take out, the rain stopped and sun popped out - providing a warm welcome.   The Rio Chama is a place I'd return with the SolSombrero as the SUP of choice.  Want to go?  Interested in the adventure? Oh, and I exceeded all my goals! #paddlewithsol  #solpaddleboards

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