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Bringing the Fiesta to GoPro Mountain Games

We had a blast this past weekend at GoPoro Mountain Games 2016 in Vail, Colorado. The SOLfiesta, our new 6-person stand up party barge was a huge hit as friends old and new teamed up to tackle the whitewater in Gore Creek.

Bringing the Fiesta to GoPro Mountain Games from SOL Paddle Boards on Vimeo.

As a team, we decided not to compete, but rather show the crowds the fun side of competition and the true meaning of teamwork. We chose to ride as a team, together on one gigantic board. Everyone that rode on the party barge throughout the weekend learned major team building skills with fellow riders by their sides. Everything from each other’s balance to paddle strokes, what makes us fall down to helping each other get back up. The greatest thing we all learned is what we can accomplish when we take the time to communicate and work together.

Overall, we had only one slight misfortune in which a SOLjah, our river surfer (featured on the left in the photo below) was stolen from our tent in the middle of the night, Thursday night. Otherwise, it was a smooth ride with a few solid swims, and everyone came out good and wet with only minor bumps and bruises.

We’d like to thank everyone who came out, took the time to chat and get to know us, hung out with us, partied with us and rode with us over the weekend! We can’t wait to do it with you all again. We are hoping that one day, team stand up paddle board races become part of river competitions everywhere!

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